We create more than 2.5 exabytes of data, every single day, and someone needs to make sense of it all. Could this be you? Study data science at Australia’s number one university today, and prepare yourself for the jobs of tomorrow.

The management and analysis of big data are becoming increasingly important in commerce, industry and applied sciences. Data science is a rapidly growing field that has evolved to address this need, and sits at the intersection of statistics and computer science.

The newly-established Master of Data Science combines these disciplines in a single coordinated program. You will develop the technological abilities and analytical skills needed to manage and gain insights from large and complex collections of data. You will additionally become well-versed in using statistical tools, techniques and methods, along with in-depth analysis and evaluation, to solve real-world problems in the data realm.

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If you are interested in undergraduate studies in Data Science, you can major in Data Science, Computer Science or Statistics through the Bachelor of Science. These majors are entry points to the Master of Data Science.

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The jobs of the future

As a Data Science graduate, you could build a career in information technology and communications, science research and education, health and medical industries, business and financial services, sales and marketing, engineering and mining, climate and weather forecasting or government.

We're not that much smarter than we used to be, even though we have much more information - and that means the real skill now is learning how to pick out the useful information from all this noise.Nate Silver (fivethirtyeight.com)

See how the University of Melbourne is using data to understand our world