Geography student selected as a Laureate by the Embassy of France

Bachelor of Science (Honours) student Eleanor Denson has been selected as a Laureate of the Embassy of France “Nicolas Baudin” mobility Program for a research internship in paleoclimatology at the Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l’environnement in Gif-sur-Yvette.

"I am honored to have been selected for this grant and incredibly grateful that it has allowed me to have such a valuable learning experience," says Eleanor.

During her time in France, she hopes to come up with a thesis that is valuable and contributes positively to climate science.

Eleanor's area of focus is paleoclimatology. "I am interested in this area because I think that better understanding the climate system will help us be better prepared for the future as the climate changes."

"I am testing out a temperature proxy which could result in an incredibly valuable dateable 500,000 year temperature record. And I want to make sure I can check and prove this as well as I can."

The Nicolas Baudin Program is designed to encourage students to undertake study, research or professional development in France. This program is very selective, and it is only candidates of the highest caliber who are chosen. Eleanor is one of just 8 laureates selected for the first round of grants (a second round will be announced shortly), with her application being selected out of over 120 potential candidates. For more information about the selected laureates, please visit the Embassy website.

The grant is eponymously named after the famous French explorer and botanical voyager who in 1802, at the same time as Matthew Flinders, charted the coast of New Holland (Australia).

Eleanor also recieved  the JJ Wood Memorial Scholarship that is awared to female students who have achieved outstanding results in a Geography major subject as they pursue their Honours degree.

The money helped fund a trip to Paris earlier this year. "I went over to work in a CNRS lab where they had equipment and an experimental set up that was ideal for the experiments I needed to conduct for my thesis. I also made a side trip to Italy to visit corchia cave which is where my calcite deposit that is a climatic record comes from."

Eleanor surveying the depth of the cave pool 'Laghetto Basso' which is inside Corchia Cave (Italy) the site upon which her work is based.

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