Mathematics student awarded Helen R Freeman Scholarship

Masters student Linda Eitelberg has been awarded the Helen R Freeman Scholarship to further her research in the mathematical sciences.

The Helen R Freeman Scholarship supports high achieving women embarking on either a Master of Biomedical Science or Master of Science (Mathematics and Statistics).

“Knowing that there are people who, based on my results, believe in me enough to provide funds for me to study, has made quite an impact on me,” she said.

Linda completed her Bachelor of Mathematics in Newcastle, and says she has wanted to be a mathematician since she was five years old.

“I enjoy learning new things and solving new problems, which is why I aspire to be a researcher and a lecturer, and if I can get there with hard work, I certainly will.”

During her undergraduate study, Linda used her mathematical skills to model time series data on the lesser-known greenhouse gases, and correlate these with local temperature rises. She says she really enjoyed this, but is yet to decide on her masters research project.

“The reason I started studying mathematics, and the reason I continued on, is that it is just so much fun. I enjoy solving puzzles,” she says. "While it’s hard work at times, there’s a great satisfaction when I realise that I have solved the problem.”

The Helen R Freeman Scholarships were established in 2012 and has so far funded ten scholarships for female students to further their studies in biomedical sciences or mathematics and statistics.

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