Peking University Study Camp

From 26 June – 7 July, the Faculty of Science hosted a group of students and a travelling academic for a two-week study tour during the mid-year semester break. The students all belonged to the College of Environmental Science & Engineering at Peking University.

The theme of the two-week program was ‘disaster management and the environmental impacts of disasters’, providing students with an insight into all the great teaching and research that is happening in the area of environmental science at the University of Melbourne.

Students attended lectures and interactive workshops presented by various schools from within the Faculty of Science. They investigated different types of disasters, from earthquakes and bushfires to climate change and air quality, and looked at the related impacts from many different angles.

Students got a taste of living and studying in Melbourne, staying on-campus at University College and experiencing the highlights of the city during their time off. They also had the opportunity to speak with current PhD students and learn about their experiences.

The program featured a major case study investigating the bushfire disaster at Wye River. In order to gain a greater appreciation of the impact, the students were taken on a road trip down the Great Ocean Rd to Wye River, and had the opportunity to speak with people and organisations involved in the recovery process. Other highlights of the trip included:

  • The diverse program, offering interactions with multiple schools including Earth Sciences, BioSciences, Forest & Ecosystem Sciences and the Office for Environmental Programs
  • A great lesson in science communication, learning how science is not only about doing research, finding facts and making discoveries, but also about communicating that information to both scientific and non-scientific audiences
  • Interacting with current PhD students and hearing about their research
  • Seeing koalas on the trip down the Great Ocean Road
  • Visiting the Melbourne Zoo

Final Presentations

Students were asked to complete a group presentation on what they had learnt over the two-week program and how it relates back to China. The students put together some very impressive presentations on the following topics:

  • Air pollution and the current situations in Melbourne and Beijing
  • Flood and the comparisons of management between Victoria and Hunan Province
  • Bushfires, and why education is so important in Australia but less so in China
We had a wonderful time in Melbourne. The landscape and the people here are all very nice. I learn a lot from the professors and had so much fun. It's a really great experience!Zehua Jing
Melbourne University is a wonderful place and people here are really nice. We had many challenging and motivating lectures which led us to think a lot.Tianli Tong
It’s a fantastic journey where you can learn from top researchers, share inspiring ideas and work with amazing classmates.Xiang Chen