Vote for our researchers in the Peer Prize for Women in Science

The Faculty of Science has five entries in this year’s Peer Prize for Women in Science. Helen Green, Sara Morón, Hannah Fraser, Kylie Boyce and Ute Roessner are all in the running for the $20,000 prize pool.

The Peer Prize is an annual prize for women researchers across Australia with a mission to accelerate open knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary innovation. The winner is the entry voted the most impactful piece of research or important new discovery.

The competition is unique in that votes are cast only by researchers. This style of 'Open Peer Prize' is the first of its kind in the world.

To vote, you must be a verified researcher, and register through the website.

Voting closes Friday 16 June.

To vote, and watch the videos, click on the images below;

Sara Morón - The power of La Niña: its effect on rivers, floodplains and humans

Hannah Fraser - Lessons on scientific practice from ‘woodland birds’

Kylie Boyce - Microevolution of Pathogenic Fungi

Helen Green - Windows To The Past: Dating the Aboriginal Rock Art of Australia's Kimberley Region

Ute Roessner -  Small molecules to understand the living world

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