$8.5m in funding awarded to Faculty


The Faculty of Science has been awarded $8.5M in research funding, with the announcement of the 2016 ARC Laureate Fellowships and Linkage Projects.

The Faculty will host two new ARC Laureate Fellows: Prof. Jon Woodhead from the School of Earth Sciences and Prof. Anthony Bebbington, currently at Clark University in Massachusetts, who will be joining the School of Geography.

The Australian Laureate Fellowships support excellence in research by attracting world-class researchers and research leaders to key positions, and creating new rewards and incentives for the application of their talents in Australia.

The Linkage Projects scheme provides funding to support research and development projects which are collaborative between higher education researchers and other parts of the national innovation system. It aims to build the scale and focus of research in the national Science and Research Priorities.

Researchers in the Faculty led six successful Linkage Project grant proposals, and were non-lead collaborator on a number of successful proposals led by other institutions.

Professor Karen Day, Dean of the Faculty of Science said it was a fantastic outcome for the Faculty.

“This is a truly outstanding achievement given the quality of applicants,” she said.

“A vote of thanks goes to Chief Investigators, mentors and professional staff, all of whom dedicate significant amounts of time and effort to preparing applications.”

The recipients of the linkage projects funding are:

A/Prof Brendan Wintle (BioSciences), A/Prof Kathryn Williams (OEP) and colleagues at the University of Western Sydney, CSIRO and the Royal Botanic Gardens and National Herbarium of Victoria - Resolving human-flying fox conflict in the face of environmental change

A/Prof Alan York (SEFS), Dr Julian Di Stefano (SEFS), Dr Trent Penman (SEFS) and colleagues at Monash, DELWP and SA Dept of Water and Natural Resources - Using fire to manage biodiversity in fragmented landscapes

Prof Spas Kolev (Chemistry), Dr Vince Pettigrove (BioSciences) and colleagues at Melbourne Water - Smart passive sampling of heavy metals in aquatic systems

Dr Stephen Livesley (SEFS), and colleagues in MDHS, UQ, University of Sydney and the Royal Botanic Gardens and National Herbarium of Victoria - Managing urban trees for people and wildlife

Dr John Moreau (Earth Sciences) and colleagues at UC Berkeley and the Crocodile Gold Corp - Improving thiocyanate bioremediation with meta-genomics/transcriptomics

Prof Steven Prawer (Physics) and colleagues at iBionics - Laser powered miniature biopic devices