Dr Adam Bumpus in Top 5 Under 40 Science Communicators

Dr Adam Bumpus

Dr Adam Bumpus has been selected as one of the Top 5 Under 40 Science Communicators for Australia. This is an initiative of ABC RN and UNSW that aims to give a voice to a new generation of science thinkers.

He was selected from close to150 applications and will undertake a 10-day media program as a ‘Scientist in Residence’ at RN in July.

Judges were so impressed with the caliber of entrants this year that there were actually six scientists selected into the program.

Dr Bumpus is an Economic Geographer with the School of Geography and his work focuses on strategy, policy, communication and development relating to climate change and carbon finance. He is the lead researcher and manager of the Carbon Governance Project, which focuses on low-carbon business transformation.

Dr Bumpus co-produced and features in the new Environmental Science at Melbourne video. See him talk passionately about his work and vision for a sustainable future below.

Discover more of the amazing collaborative environmental science research being done in the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne at http://go.unimelb.edu.au/ce5a