Engagement award for Andrew Robinson

The Deputy Director of the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis (CEBRA) and Associate Professor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Dr Andrew Robinson, has been awarded the University of Melbourne’s inaugural Excellence in Engagement Award - Public Value. The University places a strong emphasis on engagement as an integral element of the institution’s academic mission. The Melbourne Engagement Excellence Award recognises Dr Robinson’s achievement in advancing the University’s engagement priorities through his biosecurity risk analysis work with CEBRA.

The award acknowledges the significant impact and pivotal role Dr Robinson has made in engaging with the Australian federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries to address challenges of national and international biosecurity importance. He has engaged vigorously with biosecurity regulators and inspectorates globally to help protect economies, agriculture and the environment from invasive pests. His work has focussed on developing more efficient and more reliable interventions at national borders, as well as better protection outside the border and more efficient capture of critical information inside the border. His activities in pursuit of these outcomes have included team leadership and project management, data science, mathematical modelling, statistical design, risk analysis and critical problem solving.

“Working with CEBRA has been and continues to be a perfect platform for developing and delivering creative and useful solutions to important biosecurity challenges that face governments worldwide, but most particularly both the Australian and New Zealand governments,” said Dr Robinson.