Four Corners investigates salmon fishing with UoM academic

Four Corners invesitgates salmon fishing practices amid allegations of poor management. Associate Professor Tim Dempster, from the School of BioSciences, was part of ABC's Four Corners's investigation into the salmon farming industry, which is worth about $700 million dollars.

The Tasmanian government hopes the industry will tip past the $1 billion mark by 2030, however critics - including salmon fishing owners themselves - say that current practices are putting the state's pristine waters, animal welfare  and world heritage wilderness area at risk.

These risks include fish struggling to breathe and becoming so stressed that the animals stopped eating and went into survival mode due to temperature spikes and dangerous drops in water oxygen levels.

Associate Professor Tim Dempster has long researched the impact this practice has on salmon, told Four Corners that it was "ill-advised to have more fish in this harbour going through these conditions".

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