Professor David Jamieson: The view from 2050

University of Melbourne Physics Professor David Jamieson looks back in time from 2050 to the present in this presentation to the Centre for Environmental Science in November 2015 (NB: there are no visuals until the 15 min mark).

Climate change can be a rather frightening subject with many doomsday scenarios being presented. This presentation takes a light-hearted look at the problem but moderated by sensible research and the laws of physics.

The elderly presenter from the year 2050 reminisces over the tumultuous events of 2015-2050 as our society met many challenges. These included rolling out low carbon power, managing climate change refugees from the low lying states, implementation of nuclear power, disappointment from the eternal promise of controlled thermonuclear fusion, surviving sea-level-rise induced mega-earthquakes, grappling with social disparities caused by unequal access to power, building the storm barrages across the entrance to Sydney harbour, Port Phillip bay and the Hudson and East rivers in New York. Not to mention the roll-out of the Australian Republic freeing the newly retired queen of Australia to tend her banana plantation in the gardens of Buckingham palace.

Finally, in 2050, a new challenge became visible in space at the extreme magnification of the ancient Hubble space telescope…