Professor Mike Sandiford awarded prestigious title

Professor Mike Sandiford

Professor Mike Sandiford, from the Faculty of Science, has been honoured by being awarded a prestigious Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor title. Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis said the title is awarded to professors who demonstrate outstanding leadership in the University and wider community, and pre-eminence in their research, teaching and creative activity.

Professor Sandiford was among nine University of Melbourne professors to be awarded the title and the only staff member from the Faculty of Science to be named in this round. He joins Professors Ruth Fincher and Lesley Head from the School of Geography, who received the honour in 2015.

Professor Sandiford works in the School of Earth Sciences and his research is concerned with energy (geothermal energy, carbon capture and storage, energy systems) and geology (tectonics, earthquake geology, geomorphology and geothermics with a special focus on the young tectonic activity in the Indo-Australian tectonic plate).

The honour is named after the university’s founder and first chancellor.