Science PhD students shine in thesis competition

Three Faculty of Science students took part in the University of Melbourne’s ‘Three Minute Thesis’ (3MT) competition, which was held on September 8.

The grand final featured pitches from 10 current PhD candidates from across all schools and faculties, which had to be three-minutes and be compelling for the audience.

Ann Aulsebrook, Ella Kelly and Jarmon Lees – all from BioSciences - took part. Ms Aulsebrook was named runner-up. Watch their 3MT presentations below.

The competition, which was developed by The University of Queensland, requires participants to explain their thesis in a compelling way that must also be consolidated and easy to understand to a broad audience.

They can only use one static PowerPoint slide and cannot exceed three minutes.

All grand final competitors went through a heat, followed by the semi-finals.

The winner, Nathaniel Swain, from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, will represent the university at the Asia-Pacific competition.

Registration for the 2017 competition will open next year.

Runner Up: Anne Aulsebrook

Finalist: Jarmon Lees

Finalist: Ella Kelly