Quota Subjects

Several subjects offered by the University are termed 'quota subjects' or 'quota restricted subjects'. These are usually laboratory or fieldwork subjects where enrolment capacity is limited by available resources. All students are selected for these subjects on the basis of academic merit.

Selection will often use your overall course average marks, however the major/stream, course or results in a specific discipline area may also be used.

How do I apply to be considered for a quota subject?

Applications for quote subjects in 2018 will open during the re-enrolment period.

You must be enrolled in the subject by the application deadline in order to be considered. This deadline is referred to as the 'Last date to Self-Enrol' and can be seen on the individual handbook entry for each subject, in the 'Dates and Location' section.

The following Faculty of Science subjects have a quota limit:

Subject Code Subject Title Teaching Department Study Period Application Deadline Selection Criteria
BIOL30002 Experimental Reproductive Physiology BioSciences Semester 2 16/08/2018 1) Course WAM. Some high-achieving students with high grades in subjects equivalent to the prerequisites may be admitted, but only with permission from the coordinator.
BOTA30001 Marine Botany BioSciences November28/09/2018

1) Course WAM. Preference is given to students in the Plant Science or Marine Biology majors.

BOTA30006 Field Botany BioSciences January 30/11/2017 1) Course WAM. Preference is given to students in Plant Science major, Ecology and Evolution Biology major and MSc (BioSciences) students.
FRST90030 Forests in the Asia Pacific Region Ecosystem and Forest Sciences November 30/09/2018 1) Course WAM
Global Climate Change in Context Geography February 05/11/2017

1) WAM of completed marks in Geography subjects;

2) Course WAM. Preference is given to Geography major or MSc (Geography) students.

GEOG30022 River Ecology & Ecosystem Management Geography Semester 1 12/02/2018 1) Course WAM
Biogeography and Ecology of Fire Geography January 15/12/2017

1) Completed marks in Geography subjects;

2) Course WAM. Preference is given to Geography major or MSc (Geography) students.

China Field Class Geography June 28/02/2018

1) WAM of completed marks in Geography subjects;

2) Course WAM. Preference is given to Geography major or MSc (Geography) students.

East Timor Field Class Geography March 01/03/2018

1) WAM of completed marks in Geography subjects;

2) Course WAM. Preference is given to Geography major or MSc (Geography) students.

SCIE90012 Science Communication BioSciences Semester 2 24/07/2018 1) Course WAM
ZOOL30009 Field Biology of Australian Wildlife BioSciences Semester 2 03/07/2018 1) Course WAM
ZOOL30008 Experimental Marine Biology BioSciences February (Pre-teaching starts 12/02/2018) 11/12/2017 1) Course WAM. Preference is given to students in Marine Biology major.
ZOOL20006 Comparative Animal Physiology


Semester 2 03/08/2018 1) Course WAM

Additional teaching requirements

Many quota subjects have additional requirements, which can include field trips and overseas travel. You should be aware that you may be asked to meet additional requirements for the subject; this could include paying a deposit or confirming details required for organising a field trip. If you have
been offered a place in a quota subject but have not met subject pre-teaching requirements by the due date, you may be withdrawn and your place in the subject will be allocated to the next student on the waiting list. You should ensure that you are in contact with the teaching staff and respond to any
requests to confirm your place in the subject.

There are also a number of quota subjects available to Science students administered by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

Subjects are offered by the following teaching departments:

  • Anatomy and Neuroscience
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Microbiology and Immunology
  • Pathology
  • Physiology

For quota subjects not listed above, check the Handbook entry and/or the relevant teaching department for application details.

Application and selection

Selection into quota subjects is based on academic merit. Some subjects will also give preference to students within a certain major or course, or with results in a specific discipline. Students who have successfully completed the prerequisites will also be considered before those who have not. Please
see the selection criteria for each subject listed above.


Enrolling in a quota subject through your study plan DOES NOT guarantee a place. Email notifications will be sent to advise you on the outcome of your application.

How to apply

  1. Enrol in the subject via the Student Portal by the application deadline. If you meet the prerequisites but are unable to enrol via the portal you should submit an Enrolment Variation Form
  2. Selection will be undertaken by the teaching staff after the application deadline
  3. Once selection has been finalised, you will receive notification of your application outcome via email. It is expected that the notification will be sent out within 5-7 business days
  4. Unsuccessful applicants will be removed from the subject and advised via email


If you do not have the prerequisites for a subject and wish to apply, you will need to obtain written coordinator approval to enrol in the subject. You will need to submit the approval through an Enrolment Variation Form. Obtaining a prerequisite waiver to apply for the subject does not guarantee a place in the subject; it simply allows you to be considered in the selection process.

External applicants

External applicants (Community Access Program, Cross Institutional Study and Enabling Study) will be considered under a separate application process.