Study Abroad and Exchange

Want to add a global experience to your degree? Faculty of Science students wanting to study overseas have access to many exciting international opportunities.

Study Abroad and Exchange - Global Mobility

As part of your studies at the University of Melbourne, we encourage you to undertake part of your degree overseas. By taking part in an exchange or study abroad program you can immerse yourself in a different social, cultural and intellectual milieu, with the chance to add an international perspective to your studies.

There are a number of ways you can do this. You may study overseas either as an 'exchange' student or a 'study abroad' student. With an approved study plan, either program can provide you with credit or fulfil academic requirements. There is also a wide variety of funding available to assist you with your plans for overseas study.

The University grants over 1000 Melbourne Global Scholars Awards per year. The scholarships, with a value of up to $2500 are awarded to eligible students to support their participation in Study Abroad or Exchange programs in their second or third year of undergraduate study.

To find out more, including opportunities available to current students, please visit Melbourne Global Mobility

Exchange application due dates

Semester 1, 2019: Sunday 27 May 2018
Semester 2, 2019: TBD

Enrich Study Abroad

Inez Zheng - Exchange in Semester 1, 2017 to University of Stuttgart, Germany

"Taking all my classes in German at the university improved my language skills exponentially. I also met a brilliant group of exchange students and built strong international friendships. As a center for the Mercedes and Porsche headquarters I also got exposure to potential career pathways and job opportunities from people I’ve met. The past six months have well satisfied and surpassed my expectations for living in Germany and have collected some of my happiest memories."

Aiken Lim - Exchange in Semester 1, 2017 to University of Tokyo, Japan

"On exchange, you can study subjects not normally taught at UniMelb, but this was not my primary motivation. Alongside my fondness of Japan’s expertise in seismic and wind-resistant structures, the culture, lifestyle, sceneries, and of course, food, served as major factors. An experience abroad sets you apart from your typical student life in Melbourne, it opens up your mind, strengthens your independence and character, and it will no doubt be an unforgettable experience."