Study Abroad and Exchange

Want to add a global experience to your degree? Faculty of Science students wanting to study overseas have access to many exciting international opportunities.

Study Abroad and Exchange - Global Mobility

As part of your studies at the University of Melbourne, we encourage you to undertake part of your degree overseas. By taking part in an exchange or study abroad program you can immerse yourself in a different social, cultural and intellectual milieu, with the chance to add an international perspective to your studies.

There are a number of ways you can do this. You may study overseas either as an 'exchange' student or a 'study abroad' student. With an approved study plan, either program can provide you with credit or fulfil academic requirements. There is also a wide variety of funding available to assist you with your plans for overseas study.

The University grants over 1000 Melbourne Global Scholars Awards per year. The scholarships, with a value of up to $2500 are awarded to eligible students to support their participation in Study Abroad or Exchange programs in their second or third year of undergraduate study.

To find out more, including opportunities available to current students, please visit Melbourne Global Mobility

Exchange application due dates

Semester 1, 2018: Sunday, 28 May 2017 
Semester 2, 2018: Sunday, 22 October 2017

Enrich Study Abroad

Grace Gell - Exchange in Semester 2, 2014 to Queen's University Ontario, Canada

"The biggest benefit I got out of exchange was an incredible confidence in my own sense of independence and what I am really capable of if I push myself. I was the youngest one of all the exchange students by 3 years and I still managed to make so many friends from all over the world, most of whom were studying in areas I knew absolutely nothing about and had entirely different world insights."

Mishti Warrier - Exchange in Semester 2, 2014 and Semester 1, 2015 to University College Dublin, Ireland

"My two semesters on exchange were at University College Dublin in Ireland. I studied a broad range of subjects while I was there, a few of which were Science subjects. Spending time at a different university has definitely influenced my studies now by having given me the opportunity to experience a new and exciting approach to learning and observe what university life is like in a country like Ireland. Going on exchange, without a doubt, has been the best decision I have ever made."