Miaohan Long

The University of Melbourne means a more specialised environment to pursue my interests. Back in high school I knew very few people who had the same career aspirations whereas one is constantly surrounded by like-minded peers here.

Be patient with results. It takes a while to settle in, especially if you have just arrived from another state or country. Don't expect to perform at your absolute academic optimum in the first one or two semesters. It will get easier with time if you are kind to yourself and persistent with your goals.

The idea that deep insights can be made about the universe with nothing but our minds and the axioms of mathematics is so glorious to me that I can hardly imagine myself studying anything else. There are always more questions, always more secrets to be discovered.

Miaohan has been awarded the Chancellor’s Scholarship, Deans Honour's Award and Margaret Sefton Delmer Prize 2016.

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