The Dame Margaret Blackwood Prize

Mr Jacob Calabria

Jacob is completing his Bachelor of Science majoring in genetics at the end of this year and hopes to continue his study through a Master of Science - Genetics commencing next year.

Presented by: Dr Christine Paton
Presented on: Wednesday 29 July 2015

Established in 1984 by Dame Margaret Blackwood's friends and associates at the University of Melbourne in recognition of her pioneering scientific and academic career: (BSc 1938; MSc 1939; LLD 1983).

She was an esteemed scholar in the discipline of Genetics, and became Senior Associate and Reader in Botany before retiring.

Many of her high-ranking appointments were the first to be held by a woman. As the University's first female deputy chancellor, in 1980, she was the first woman in the University's history to confer degrees.

Dame Margaret Blackwood died in 1986.