The J.J. Wood Memorial Scholarship

Ms Vickie Zhang

Vickie is a human geographer researching mobility, gender and social reproduction in rural China. After completing her Honours thesis, she plans to return to her fieldwork village in China to make a short documentary, telling the stories of the migrant worker men she interviewed for her Honours research.

Presented by: Mr Charles Hart
Presented on: Wednesday 29 July 2015

Established in 1995 through donations by Mr Charles Hart in memory of his godmother, Miss Jessie Joyce Wood (Joyce). Mrs Sandra Speirs, Joyce Wood's niece, is also a contributor to the fund.

Joyce Wood was a cartographer in the Department of Economic Geography, c1935-c1975, where she collaborated on many publications.

As one of the last traditional cartographers, she researched her work thoroughly from sources which included her own collection of rare maps and atlases, retiring in the mid 1970s. She was highly respected for her meticulous professionalism and historical knowledge.

Jessie Joyce Wood died in 1994.