The Muriel Ramm Science Bursary

Ms Asher Trama

Asher Trama – Master of Science (Zoology)

Asher is doing a Master of Science, Zoology. She describes her research as:
"I am focusing on the invasion of a marine invertebrate and the effects its invasion has on the ecosystem in Port Phillip Bay. A major highlight of my course so far has been undertaking my own research. Working with my supervisor to shape my own ideas has been invaluable. I cannot begin to describe how instrumental this award will be for my success during Masters. It will allow me to afford to continue studying, and help with other costs. In the future I would like to work in conservation and study the effects that anthropogenic climate change has on ecosystems."

Mr Wessam Badr

Wessam Badr – Master of Science (Physics

Wessam is studying Physics focussing on High Energy Particle Physics, Experimental. Wessam describes Quantam Field Theory as:
"...a fascinating way to learn the volumes of mathematical models that sub-atomic particles follow and then see how it all comes together at the end of the course in terms of how the mathematics apply experimentally."

I am focusing on high energy experimental particle physics. The trust award allows me to set aside my daily stressors such as paying the rent, utilities and food, and to really focus on my studies. It is a privilege to receive the award and be recognised as a valued member of the Graduate School of Science.

Presented by: Dr Susan Ramm-Anderson
Presented on: Wednesday 29 July 2015

Established in 1998 by Muriel Ramm's husband, Professor Emeritus Colin Ramm, and her family. The award supports academic potential in a student entering a research pathway degree and acknowledges Muriel Ramm's encouragement of educational opportunity.

Muriel studied Psychology and Zoology at UWA, where she met Colin. After graduating, she and Colin moved to Birmingham, in the UK, where Colin completed a PhD. They lived in Geneva for many years, raising their young family there while Colin worked at CERN.

Muriel Ramm died in 1996.