The P. W. Crohn Scholarship

Ms Chloe Marie

Chloe is currently finishing her Honours year in Geology where she is studying interglacial deposits from the Neoproterozoic. Chloe states that:
"Neoproterozoic's are over 600 million years old! In terms of my plans for the future its really an open book at the moment. I'm looking at doing Masters of Education with Teach for Australia and volunteering with the Museums Victoria over the Summer for their annual Dinosaur dig. I've always thought it would be wonderful to help develop programs for kids in schools that teach science in interactive and exciting ways."

I chose to study at Melbourne because I wanted to do a course where I had the flexibility to explore different areas of Science. I thought the BSc was perfect as I could take several subjects and then narrow my references down throughout my degree. The things I love about Science are the problem solving and endless possibilities. It makes me really excited about my work. At present I am completing an honours in Earth Sciences (Geology) focusing on sedimentary geology. I was surprised and honoured to receive this award, which has made me feel more confident of my academic abilities.

Presented by: Mr Phil Crohn
Presented on: Wednesday 29 July 2015

Established in 2002 by Mrs Edna Valerie Crohn (Val), née Sheriff, in memory of her late husband, Peter Wolfgang Crohn (BSc 1946; MSc 1949). Peter Crohn was an explorer geologist who studied and mapped the geology of Australia and Antarctica.

He twice visited the Antarctic, in the 1950s and 1980s, and was awarded the Polar Medal for his research.

In Australia he worked in the Northern Territory carrying out geological mapping and mineral studies in the Tennant Creek region. He was Director of Mines for the NT Geological Survey (1970-1979).

Peter Crohn was an active bushwalker and he and Val returned to this interest after retiring. He died in 2000.