The Ramm Prize in Experimental Physics

Ms Stephanie Bernard

"I am a first year PhD student at Melbourne, studying galaxies in the very early universe. I use facilities like the Hubble Space Telescope and the 10meter Keck Telescope in Hawaii to look at galaxies in the first 5% of the Universe's history, just after the Big Bang. The aim is to see when these galaxies form and what their properties are, and to see how they evolve from the early universe to today."

Mr Thomas Lucas

Thomas' work is looking at the development of particle accelerators with high accelerating gradients, allowing for the production of high energy beams over small distances. Thomas says that:
"this would open up the possibility of "bench top" accelerators in all medical facilities which can be used for anything from x-ray production to radiotherapy. I would like to continue on after my PhD to build Australia's first proton therapy accelerator."

Presented by: Dr Susan Ramm-Anderson
Presented on: Wednesday 29 July 2015

Established in 2001 by Professor Emeritus Colin Ramm and his family to reward excellence and research potential in Experimental Physics. Based on his own experiences, he was keen to ensure that talented students' educational opportunities should not be hampered by financial considerations.

Colin Ramm worked at CERN in the 1950s, as leader of the Nuclear Physics Division. In 1972 he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science at Melbourne. After retiring as Dean, in 1983, he joined the School of Physics and continued to find new challenges in experimental research.

He died in 2014.