The Faculty of Science Postgraduate Writing-Up Award

1 December 2016
31 December 2017
School of Geography, School of Forest and Ecosystem Science, School of BioSciences, Science - General, School of Physics, School of Earth Sciences, School of Chemistry, School of Mathematics and Statistics
Research Higher Degree

Paid over two instalments

Two months


The Faculty of Science Postgraduate Writing-Up Awards are supported through the David Lachlan Hay Memorial Fund and Albert Shimmins Fund. The Writing-Up Awards support Science research higher degree (RHD) candidates during the preparation of journal articles or books based on the RHD thesis submitted for examination. Conditions of the postgraduate writing-up awards are determined by the Faculty of Science.


NB: APPLICANTS SHOULD NOTE THAT CONDITIONS WILL CHANGE FROM 1 MAY 2017. From 1 May 2017, applicants must have submitted their thesis within 3 years 10 months (reduced from 4 years). The value of the awards will increase from $3,000 to $5,000, to be paid as a stipend. Please see the attached information sheet at the bottom of this page for further details of the current and future conditions for the award. CURRENT CONDITIONS (until 30 April 2017): Conditions apply and submission of an application does not guarantee the awarding of a postgraduate writing-up award. Please see the Information Sheet for details. a)RHD students in the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne are eligible to apply after submission of their thesis for examination, provided they have not yet been advised of the result of the examination. b)The awardee may not hold a similar award for the same purpose; awards cannot be deferred. c)Awardees may not undertake full-time or substantial regular part-time employment during the tenure of the award (more than 10 hours per week). d)Applicants must have submitted their RHD thesis within the maximum four-year (FTE)candidature period. Candidature must not have been lapsed. e)International students should ensure that their visa allows them to stay in the country upon submission of their thesis. To be eligible, international students must commit to spending at least 66% of their time in Melbourne during the writing up of articles. Students returning to their home country following submission of their thesis will not be eligible to apply. Recipients of the Postgraduate Writing-Up Awards are no longer enrolled at the University of Melbourne for the purposes of study for a RHD and should note that funds provided through the Postgraduate Writing-Up award must be declared for tax purposes.


Applications must be submitted online. The award is tenable for a maximum of two months. The awardee will receive a maximum of $3000 provided the preparation of texts or articles requires support for the period.
The first instalment ($1,000) will be authorised from the day on which the award is accepted by the awardee. The second instalment ($2,000) will be authorised upon satisfactory completion of the award, including the writing up of agreed articles and receipt of a final report, plus the manuscript(s) submitted for publication (8 weeks).

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