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Scholarships, prizes and awards available for Honours

AMOS Prize (Earth Sciences)
J.S. Anderson Prize (Chemistry)
Bryan Scholarship in Natural Science
Bryan Scholarship in Natural Science (Biological)
P.W. Crohn Scholarship (Earth Sciences)
Daniel Curdie Scholarship
The Dixson Scholarship in Chemistry
The Dixson Scholarship in Experimental Physics
DULUX Australia Prize (Chemistry)
The J.H. Harvey Prize (Earth Sciences)
Howitt Natural History Scholarship (Major; BioSciences & Earth Sci)
Howitt Natural History Scholarship (Minor; BioSciences & Earth Sci)
The Professor Kernot Research Scholarship in Earth Sciences
Bruce Knox Prize (BioSciences)
John Lovering Prize (Earth Sciences)
John and Betty McCreery Scholarship
Hilda Trevelyan Morrison Bequest
The Muriel Ramm Science Bursary
The Ramm Prize in Experimental Physics
Ronald Riseborough Prize (Chemistry)
G.A.M. Scott Research Award (BioSciences)
Fred Walker Scholarship (Chemistry)
Wyselaskie Scholarship in Natural Science
Gretna Weste Plant Pathology & Mycology Scholarship
Dublin Prize
Klemperer-Ducker Scholarship (BioSciences)
The M. L. Urquhart Graduate Prize (Mathematics & Statistics)
Maurice H. Belz Scholarship (Mathematics & Statistics)
The Klein Prize in Experimental Physics
John and Betty McCreery Travelling/Study Scholarship
Agilent Technologies Student Excellence Award - Botany
The Norma Hilda Schuster (nee Swift) Scholarship (Student award - Biochemistry)
The Frank Keenan Trust Fund Scholarships (Horticulture - SEFS)
Dwight Prize in Geography
The John James Woodward Prize (Forestry, Horticulture - SEFS)
J. J. Wood Memorial Scholarship (Geography)