Climate Conversations

Climate Conversations is a series of webinars that will take place across 2020 and 2021. Each conversation will address the challenges and opportunities of climate change that we, as individuals or communities, have the capacity to address.

Explore the science of climate change, the myths and the solutions.

Across the series we will explore climate change from many perspectives, from pure science to social science, environmental science and economics. We will reconnect with Indigenous knowledge and practices to better understand how this knowledge can be applied to shaping the future we aspire to.

The series will feature the University’s world-leading climate experts with special guests from the not-for-profit, industry and government sectors domestically and internationally.

Episode 1

Australia in 2029: A Hypothetical Future

The year is 2029, COVID-19 is a distant memory but it remains as a milepost when, at every level of government, and across every sector of industry and community, Australia embraced science to address the challenges of climate change to realise the future it wanted. Join us as we explore the successes, pitfalls and possibilities our new future holds.

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Citizen Science Pilot: Sustainable Development Goals

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We would like to ask for your help with our pilot citizen science initiative, focused on understanding the degree to which our alumni are responding to the challenges of climate change and environmental stewardship, among other sustainability goals.

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