Dr. William "Alex" Donald

2011 Centenary Research Fellow

William Donald, more familiarly known to his colleagues as Alex, completed his undergraduate studies in 2005 at Seattle University and completed his PhD in 2010 at the University of California - Berkeley. He undertook his PhD in the discipline of physical and analytical chemistry, under Professor Evan Williams, examining energy deposition in tandem mass spectrometry experiments. This resulted in the development of three new methods for undertaking nanocalorimetry. Alex has since been undertaking doctoral work in Berkeley, USA and Melbourne, Australia and has now published sixteen academic papers.

Alex's future research aims to explore to investigate the development of pesticide resistance and pesticide metabolism using mass spectrometric and genetic analysis. Mass spectrometric analysis is a versatile technique for investigating a range of chemical and biochemical systems due to its high sensitivity and high mass resolution, its ability to preserve intact structure in the gas phase, and its ability to manipulate mass-selection ions to undergo a range of chemical reactions.

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