Ways to Support

Your support will help us achieve our vision of being a world-leading Science Faculty. For more information about the University of Melbourne's Campaign visit the Believe website.

You can direct your support to the Faculty's greatest needs. These unrestricted gifts have tremendous impact and enable us to respond to our most urgent needs – be it financial support for our students, a critical piece of lab equipment, or a fellowship for an early career researcher.

Student Awards

Invest in the future of science education – help provide opportunities for our best and brightest minds, so that the most deserving can study with us regardless of their financial circumstances.

There are a wide range of awards, prizes and scholarships awarded each year to recognise the outstanding achievements of the brightest and best students and distinguished teachers and researchers of the Faculty of Science.

This support could be in the form of an access or equity scholarship, which would support talented students whose school years have been impacted adversely by personal circumstances. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and disadvantage.

Alternatively, academic merit scholarships offer fee remission and/or a general allowance (stipend) and are awarded to students on the basis of academic achievement.


With an excellent reputation in terms of research performance and graduate outcomes, we are one of the most accomplished science faculties in Australia. Our strong performance in international rankings also puts us at the forefront of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

To build on those achievements we need to recruit and support the most promising and inspiring scientific minds of this generation. Fellowships provide for salary and/or research program support for our early-career researchers.

Endowed Chairs

There is a growing need for scientific leaders to find solutions to the global problems of today, and to identify the challenges of tomorrow. Ensuring that the University is the destination of choice for the most talented scholars in the world is critical to the University's Growing Esteem strategy.

To this end, we wish to establish endowed Chairs to attract exceptional scientists into areas of great impact to undertake innovative research that addresses the major challenges of our time.


By including a bequest to the University in your will you can make the type of gift you may not be able to make during your lifetime, and be assured your legacy lives on.

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