Data Science Industry Projects

Small teams of final year Master of Data Science students work on a project of value to your organisation at no cost to you.


The Master of Data Science equips students with the technological abilities and analytical skills needed to manage and gain insights from large and complex collections of data. The degree culminates in the Master of Data Science Industry Project where final year students take their learnings outside of the classroom to work on real-world projects that deliver results for our partner organisations.

Partners define a project of value to their organisation and provide a brief. All work is carried out by small teams of students, supervised by leading academic staff at the University of Melbourne. Past projects include but are not limited to: data exploration and visualisation, statistical inference, model building for prediction and classification, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In a typical project, students begin by exploring the data and developing a suitable analysis protocol under the supervision of an academic data scientist, providing a proof of concept and sharing insights into the original goals of the analysis. After receiving feedback from the industry partner, in the second part of the project students complete their analyses and target specific questions using state-of-the art machine learning and statistical techniques.

Projects commence in March with a final report and presentation delivered to your organisation in October. Meetings, progress reports and other interactions with the student group are directed by you. Students generally complete the project offsite at the University of Melbourne Parkville campus.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Access students with the latest knowledge in their field – at no cost to your organisation
  • Talent pipeline to meet and ‘road-test’ potential future employees
  • Make use of the extensive resources of the University
  • Opportunity to connect with the Faculty of Science including links with academics and future research collaboration.

Past projects

Examples of previous projects are:

  • Identifying effects of disease symptoms and environmental factors for disease prediction in agriculture
  • E-commerce data analysis for modelling customer behaviour to improve retention and user experience
  • Computer vision algorithms for identifying objects in user photographs for more efficient customer support
  • Algorithms for detecting and tracking bush fires from weather radar
  • Using machine learning for predicting patient outcomes
  • Price predictions using data exploration and visualisation
  • Influence of production parameters on product performance.

Recent industry partners

  • SEEK
  • Victoria Police
  • Laminex
  • Oaktree
  • Webjet
  • Rome2rio
  • Nostradata
  • Telstra

Insurance and agreements

The University's Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance covers liability for the University and any of its students in relation to industry projects.

Host organisations will be asked to sign the University's standard Vocational Placement Letter Agreement. This outlines the terms and conditions, managing confidentiality and the assigning of IP. We recognise the sensitive nature of these projects and can provide a sample agreement to you on request.

Contact us

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