Environmental Science Industry Projects

Small teams of final year Master of Environmental Science students work on a project of value to your organisation at no cost to you.


Students in the Master of Environmental Science come from a strong science* background. They are working to extend their scientific knowledge to solve environmental problems in areas such as air and water quality, climate change, ecosystem conservation, food security and site remediation.

The degree culminates in the Master of Environmental Science Industry Project where final year students take their learnings outside of the classroom to work on year-long real-world projects that deliver results for the project partner organisation.

Project partners define a project of value to their organisation. All work is carried out by small teams of students, supervised by leading academic staff at the University of Melbourne. The students have developed strong analytical, communication, environmental risk assessment and environmental problem-solving skills and will draw upon these skills to solve a challenge of interest to the project organisation/industry.

Projects can include (but not limited to):

  • Natural resource challenges
  • Climate change and energy
  • Data/GIS environmental modelling

* Students have completed prior undergraduate studies in biological sciences, chemistry, earth sciences, forest science, geography, statistics, agricultural science or engineering.


Projects commence in March and conclude in October, with the student team providing key deliverables as follows:

  • Charter agreement, written project plan and presentation (March)
  • Project update report (June)
  • Progress update presentation (August)
  • Final report and presentation (October)

On commencement of the project, students will have the opportunity to engage in the business setting and will maintain regular contact with the project partner lead throughout the duration of the subject. Students generally complete the bulk of the project offsite at the University of Melbourne Parkville campus.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Access students with the latest knowledge in their field – at no cost to your organisation
  • Talent pipeline to meet and ‘road-test’ potential future employees
  • Make use of the extensive resources of the University including research tools
  • Opportunity to connect with the Faculty of Science including links with academics and future research collaboration.

Insurance and Agreements

The University's Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance covers liability for the University and any of its students in relation to industry projects.

Host organisations will be asked to sign the University's standard Vocational Placement Letter Agreement. This outlines the terms and conditions, managing confidentiality and the assigning of IP. We recognise the sensitive nature of these projects and can provide a sample agreement to you on request.

Contact us

Interested in discussing an industry project partnership? Contact the Careers & Industry Team at science-industry-internships@unimelb.edu.au