Parkville campus

Parkville is the central University of Melbourne campus, located just north of the Melbourne CBD, and is home to over 30,000 students. The campus dates from the mid-nineteenth century with many historic buildings and gardens. The seven schools in the Faculty of Science all have a presence in the Parkville Campus.

We acknowledge that the Parkville campus is located on Wurundjeri land

Parkville is the main campus of the University of Melbourne. The Schools of BioSciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Geography, Mathematics and Statistics and Physics are all located at Parkville, along with the Office for Environmental Programs and the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute.

Teaching at Parkville

The Bachelor of Science is primarily hosted at the Parkville campus, and academics teach into environmental science majors at this campus. Graduate courses in fields relating to environmental science, including the Master of Environment, Master of Geoscience, and the Master of Science in BioSciences, Chemistry, Earth Science, Ecosystem Science and Geography, are all based at the Parkville campus, as are many graduate research students.

Research at Parkville

Research is conducted at the Parkville campus in the fields of earth, climate and atmospheric science, geography and geology, botany, zoology, chemistry, and ecology, along with many other areas related to environmental science. Research fellows and students come from across the world to pursue their interests with leading researchers, and researchers actively collaborate with partners in government, land management agencies and industries to ensure their research makes a difference to policy and practice.