Course Planning for Careers of the Future


Course Planning for Careers of the Future

Singapore Theatre
Melbourne School of Design
Masson Road


How to plan your course for jobs in the future.

Step aside rock stars because Harvard Business Review has just announced the sexiest job for the 21st century – the data scientist!

The Harvard report joins a constant stream of media stories heralding the age of an agile and innovative STEM workforce where graduates with skills across areas like maths, computer science and biology will be a step ahead in the job market.

So, how do you make sure you’re planning your course to be job-ready for the future? Join A/Prof James McCaw as he explores some emerging careers in STEM where different disciplines collide and form new and exciting areas for research, discovery and innovation. The best part is that not only are they relevant careers for the future, they’re careers in demand right now.

Lunch will be provided after the session.