The Long Road to Saving Australia's Native Animals

Free Public Lecture

The Long Road to Saving Australia's Native Animals

David Penington Building/Bio21
Flemington Road


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T: 8344 9366

Too often we hear disheartening tales of recent and rapid population declines or extinctions of Australian native animals. Less often do we hear the stories of conservation successes. These successes don't happen overnight – they are usually a result of long-term research informing dedicated on-the-ground efforts.

Join us to hear three fascinating stories showcasing how long-term approaches to understanding native Australian animals translate to conservation success.

We are delighted that Mr Nigel Sharp, founder of the Mount Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre, Victoria’s largest feral-predator free sanctuary, will be our guest speaker. We will also hear from three School of BioSciences researchers about their long-term research and conservation programs.

This is the second public forum for the recently established philanthropic Native Australian Animals Trust. The trust's intent is to provide a means for people who are passionate about Australia’s wildlife and ecosystems to connect with and support research, teaching, and engagement activities.

A networking reception will follow the seminar.


  • Dr Lisa Godinho
    Dr Lisa Godinho, Teaching Specialist - Bachelor of Science Extended and First Year Biology
  • Dr Pia Lentini
    Dr Pia Lentini, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Dr Andrew Weeks
    Dr Andrew Weeks, Research Fellow
  • Mr Nigel Sharp
    Mr Nigel Sharp, Founder