Creating a start-up: getting out of your comfort zone

My name is Hue Man Dang and I am currently studying the Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. During my studies, I have participated in the Leaders in Communities Award (LiCA) program which has provided me skills to further my passion for volunteer work. LiCA combines volunteering with the university and externally as well as a mix of professional skills.    

My goal in life is to create a disproportionately positive impact on the lives of young people. This passion of mine lead me to create a start-up company, Brain Nation Hub, which aims to help young people learn, grow and lead a better life. My focus has been to create these free resources, such as study aids, and opportunities through workshops - to help other young people that may not have access otherwise. At the end of the day, I don't believe that the size of your bank account should determine where you get in life.

Education for me, was all about getting good grades, but now, it is about enjoying the process. This includes having a holistic view of health and wellbeing, and being a part of extra-circular activities! I like to reflect this in not only my life but also in Brain Nation Hub. I also like that this idea is integrated within LiCA, which encourages self-growth and you getting out of your comfort zone.

I think that LiCA is an amazing starting point if you're not sure of your place in our globalised world. I believe that volunteering, and giving back to those who need it most, is what gave my life meaning. Brain Nation Hub is, pardon the pun, my 'brain child' that has helped me to be a better me. These days, on top of maintaining this role, I am currently the Chair of the Communities that Care Board in Hobsons Bay City Council, a position I would have only dreamed about a few years earlier if it wasn't for my organisation.

There is one key thing that I have learnt, and that is that leadership isn't a point that you reach, it is a way of life through your values and your commitment to what matters most. I encourage all of you to give LiCA a go, if I can get to where I am now (on top of a full time workload), imagine what you can achieve just by giving things a go!

Hue Man Dang, Bachelor of Science student