Thinking about the future?

At various points in our lives, 'the future' can seem like a far-off thing. An abstract concept to consider at some later point in time. However, we find that for many BSc students, it is generally this point in the year that the future starts to take on a tangible quality.

Some of you are heading towards the end of first year and are weighing up options for subject selection in 2019. Others are planning an internship or thinking about exchange.

Then there are that lucky group who about to finish their degree. This group will have completed or be about to complete their final Mid-Semester Assessment. In a little over a month, they will have their final lecture and then before you know it, their final exam.

It doesn’t matter what stage of the degree, it’s that time of the year when our eyes are cast to the future.

So, what is next?

Here at Science we want to support you with your decision making. As such, we have put together a series of events throughout September to ensure you are prepared for the future.

This program is called Science: Next Steps and includes a whole host of information sessions/panels/tours/(it goes on…) designed to support your decision making at any stage of your degree, whether that be selecting a major or graduate program.

Want to have a chat about your options?

From now until the end of the year, there are graduate study appointments available at Stop 1. Representatives from all the Graduate Schools across the University are available to discuss your future plans and you how you can make your dreams a reality.

Start preparing for your future today.


The Faculty of Science Team