Tips for a new semester

Get the most out of your Semster 2 by checking out these top tips.

  1. Get a planner and plan your semester
    Write down the topics for each week and where you need to put your focus. Is there a test coming up? Is a project due? If the details are released online through Student Portal, put it in your UniMelb Semester 2 planner, free from the library.
  2. Organise your study
    Where and how do you study best? Choose somewhere you can concentrate, such as a café, on the lawn, or in one of the University’s free study spaces. It also helps to have a system to file your notes, whether that be digitally or by hand. Backing up your documents in a cloud storage with something like Google Drive is an excellent idea to ensure you still have your notes and assignments if the worst happens.
  3. Create a study group
    Sharing the struggle with others is a great way to learn faster! Organise a study group that will hold you accountable for coming to classes, revising for tests and will have your back when your feeling stressed.
  4. Get some rest
    A new semester can be overwhelming. Getting help is easy with the University’s free counselling services, free yoga and meditation with UMSU or through one of the religious facilities on campus.
  5. Set some goals
    The semester can either feel like it’s dragging on or flying by! Plan goals around your study scores, handing work in early or attending extra classes as a way to remain on track. Plus, it’s an excellent way to write down and see all your hard work when you finish the year.