University Mental Health Day

Between work and study, it can be easy to forget that your mental health is something you need to actively look after by doing things that make you feel like yourself and speaking to people that are part of your community.

We have put together a series of events (see below) with the aim of helping you understand the lived experience of mental illness and the importance of taking some time out from our busy lives to engage with one another, learn something new and give your brain a break!

If you are feeling in need of support, please remember the university counselling services are still available for you to book appointments. You can also read about all the other great events happening over this week on the University Mental Health Day website.

Dr Chris Groot 'Our Turn to Speak' webinar, Tue 5 May 12pm

The theme for Mental Health Day this year is, ‘Use Your Voice’. Join us for an hour over lunchtime and listen to Dr Chris Groot discuss the findings his team of researchers are currently analysing from the first National Stigma Report Card, ‘Our Turn to Speak’.  This report surveyed approximately 2000 Australians living with severe and complex mental health issues and their experiences of stigma and discrimination.

Dr Groot coordinates the first-year psychology program at the University of Melbourne and teaches primarily in areas of clinical psychology and psychological research methods. You may have even had him as a tutor or lecturer for Mind Brain and Behaviour.  He conducts research in areas of mental illness stigma, psychosis, suicide, and mental health service delivery.

Dr Groot and the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences are partners of SANE Australia and its Anne Deveson Research Centre in delivering the National Stigma Report Card project with the generous support of the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

Students from all UoM courses are permitted to join as we are very fortunate to have this opportunity to hear Dr Groot speak outside of his usual teaching and research commitments – Use Your Voice and spread the word! Register here. Tuesday 5 May, 12 - 1pm.

Mental Health Moments with Science Student Ambassadors

To support mental health day our ambassadors are Using their voices to run some great workshops and fun events every day during this week with the aim to create a place where you can meet other students, learn something new or just take some time to do something fun!

Zoom meet and greet dinner

Mon 4 May, 7 - 8pm
Grab your dinner and have a chance to chat with fellow science students from all year levels.  Hosted by science student ambassadors, Karla and Lauren, take this opportunity to tune out of your studies for a moment and learn more about the people in your Unimelb science community! Register now.

Cooking workshop

Tue 5 May, 7 - 8pm
Cooking is such a great way to take a study break and focus on something productive that you can also enjoy! Use this time to meet some new people and learn from Sophie and Sonakshi about the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of cooking as well as some great new recipes! Register here.

Modular origami workshop

Wed 6 May, 1 - 2pm
Stop by and learn something new while you lunch. Yifan Guo along with the Maths and Stats Society are holding a Modular origami workshop.  Making modular origami is a bit more of a challenge but can be quite relaxing and is a good way to practice mindfulness and focus on something creative. Register here.

Trivia night

Thu 7 May, 6 - 8pm
Want to do something that uses your brain but is fun? Want to meet some other science students? Want a reason to take a study break? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then come along as Karla and Lauren test your knowledge in this online Trivia evening! Register now.

Gratitude journaling workshop

Fri 8 May, 12 - 12:30pm
Gratitude journaling is the exercise of writing down small things in the day that made you happy. It can be small things like seeing a corgi on a daily walk or getting good feedback on an assignment, but it encourages positivity and boosts self-esteem. So, come and say hello at lunch and learn more about this practice, it’s benefits and how it works from Joanne and Yvonne! Register here.

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