Mackinnon Project consultants are actively involved in a range of research projects. This research always aims at solving practical problems encountered by grazing enterprises.

We also undertake contract research for Trusts and private organisations. For example, agribusiness and animal health companies value the independent and impartial approach of the Mackinnon Project. We also add considerable value by advising on trial design, ensuring that the work addresses industry problems, and sourcing reliable co-operators from motivated Mackinnon Project clients who run large, commercially focussed grazing enterprises.

The results of our research are rapidly transferred to producers and other advisers through the consultant-client network, presentations at producer forums and professional conferences. We also publish these findings in farming publications, refereed journals or as major reports.

Major projects are usually funded by the industry funding bodies, such as Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and The Australian Sheep CRC (Co-operative Research Centre).

Research Publications

We are regularly invited to write articles in rural newspapers and magazines and of course, we publish our results in scientific journals, theses, and major reports for industry and agribusiness.

Scientific articles

Published theses

Research Projects

  • Internal Parasites (Worms)
    • Integrated Parasite Management (IPM)-sheep (IPM-s)
    • Developing & validating a grazing management system to control worms in weaner sheep (‘Smart grazing’)
    • Causes and costs of scouring and dag in merinos
    • Reinfection after summer drenching
    • Worms in high input grazing systems
  • Profitability and Reducing Risk
    • Drought, Climate and rainfall
    • The effect of time of shearing on wool production and management, including weaner survival & health
    • Remote automated sheep weighing
    • More Beef from Pastures
    • Wool price risk management
    • Analysis of the profitability of sheep wool and meat enterprises
    • Optimum time of lambing
  • Wool Quality
    • The effect of time of shearing on wool production and management
    • The effects of reproduction on the staple strength of wool
  • Transferring the Results of Research
    • South Roxby Project
    • Eyre network
    • Footrot focus groups