Published theses

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

4. Campbell, Angus D (2007) - The effect of time of shearing on wool production and management of a self-replacing merino flock .

3. Larsen, John WA (1997) - The pathogenesis and control of diarrhoea and breech soiling ('winter scours') in adult Merino sheep.

2. Spath, Ernesto JA (1984) - Calving date and hypomagnesaemic tetany in beef cattle.

1. Donnelly, John R (1983) - The productivity of breeding ewes grazing on lucerne or grass-clover pastures.

Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc)

8. Kirk, Beata (2016)–Internal Parasitism and Production in Prime Lamb Flocks.

7. Tyrell, Leah (2013)–Comparison of Programs for the Control of Blowfly-Strike in Merino sheep in South-Eastern Australia.

6. De Cat, Sandra (2007)–The over-wintering ecology of Lucila cuprina in south-eastern Australia.

5. Buckley, David (2005) - The economic response to seasonal rainfall and the value of seasonal rainfall forecasts on Australian farms .

4. Swaney, Susan (2004) - Internal parasite infections of Merino sheep grazed at two stocking rates.

3. Niven, Paul G (2000) - The integration of grazing management with anthelmintic treatment to control trichostrongylid infections of sheep.

2. Ridge, Sally E. (1994) - Evaluation of an absorbed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for bovine Johnes disease and application of the assay to Johnes disease control in Victoria.

1. Grant, Ian M (1984) - Evaluation of a flock health and production programme in commercial flocks in south-west Victoria.

Graduates of Master of Veterinary Studies

26. Counsell, David C (2000) - Wool price risk management.

25. Cox, Jonathan W (1995) - Breeding bulls in a commercial beef cattle herd.

24. Thompson, Graham K (1993) - Prickly acacia infestation of the Mitchell grasslands.

23. Power, Megan E (1993) - Pasture renovation in north east Victoria.

22. Williams, Scott H (1993) - The effect of farm management practices on wool quality and income from wool.

21. Salmon, Elizabeth M (1992) - Genetic and economic gains from the use of artificial insemination and multiple ovulation and embryo transfer.

20. Maclean, Murray F (1992) - Practical aspects of changing from autumn to spring lambing.

19. Webb Ware, John (1992) - Control of Gastrointestinal parasitism in sheep flocks in Eastern Australia.

18. Taylor, Richard P (1991) - Ram breeding for the commercial woolgrower.

17. Irving, Rosemary F (1991) - Factors which influence the selection of time for shearing on a property in Gippsland.

16. Trengove, Colin L (1991) - Opportunities to improve farm profitability through genetic improvement of Merino sheep.

15. Carr, Anthony (1989) - Time of lambing: importance, extension and Implementation.

14. Nicholas, Masten (1989) - Opportunities to improve the profitability of four properties in Southern New South Wales.

13. Roberts, Daniel (1988) - A review of Footrot in Australian sheep flocks and a study of the factors associated with a farm being affected by Footrot in four shires in Western Australia.

12. Jordan, David (1988) - An evaluation of control programs for gastro-intestinal nematodes of sheep in New South Wales

11. Rolls, Peter (1988) - Drought - nutrition and management.

10. Daniel, Geoffrey (1988) - The importance of soil erosion when deciding upon farm stocking rate.

9. Allworth, Bruce (1988) - Control and eradication of Footrot.

8. Sackett, David (1987) - Sheep flock health and production management programs.

7. Watts, Tim (1987) - A review of permanent oestrogenic infertility in sheep and its effect on the profitability of merino wool Enterprises.

6. McGregor, Peter (1987) - Improving cattle health and production management services on the North Coast of New South Wales.

5. Brightling, Anthony (1986) - A review of State sheep lice control strategies for Victoria.

4. Nilon, Paul (1986) - Nutritional ill-thrift in weaner sheep: causes and management options.

3. Neithe, Geoff (1986)- Opportunities for implementation of herd health and production programs in the Northern Territory.

2. Abbot, Kym (1986) - Management evaluation on grazing properties in South Australia with particular reference to financial analysis.

1. Cameron, Simon (1985) - The role of nutrition, shelter and genotype in the prevention of neonatal losses in sheep.