Centre Participation UoM

UoM-wide collaborations in data science

As a UoM academic staff member, Research Centre, group or network, you are welcome to participate in or collaborate with our Centre and enjoy the many benefits.

  • Investigator

    Any UoM staff member undertaking research that develops and/or utilises data science methods through domain specific or general problems, questions and projects are welcome to apply to join as an Investigator. We particularly encourage investigators whose work in domain-specific areas may give rise to new methodological questions that will circularly advance further research, outcomes and impact. Investigators participate with a commitment of 0.1FTE.

  • Academic Convenors

    Convenors are academic researchers based in faculties across UoM who have formally dedicated a fraction of their time to MCDS to assist the Centre with growing interdisciplinary collaboration and research. This fraction would typically consist of 0.1FTE of Centre activities in addition to the 0.1FTE participation as an Investigator.

  • Collaborators (UoM)

    Any UoM research centre, group or network is encouraged to collaborate with MCDS in order to progress wider activity and endeavours.

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The benefits of participation in the MCDS include:

  • Being part of an active community with diverse expertise committed to advancing data science for benefit
  • Intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities
  • Opportunities for co-supervision of postgraduate students across disciplines
  • Local, domestic and international engagement with a broad range of data science topics
  • Maintain currency, upskill, and share your experiences in data science
  • Build your network through workshops and events
  • Be informed of new opportunities for funding and joint grant submission
  • Shared workspaces for postgraduate and early career researchers & access to a wider innovative community – we are excited to be part of the soon-to-open Melbourne Connect
  • Public promotion of your expertise, work and activities
  • Timely information on other data science research projects and their outcomes


Participation in MCDS can take many forms, examples include (but are not limited to) joint research projects, co-supervision of postgraduate students, partnerships on funding proposals, or attendance/assistance with workshops. As an MCDS participant, your active engagement with the Centre’s community, activities and expertise is expected.  You will be expected to report on relevant activities and outputs and to acknowledge MCDS in pertinent outputs where applicable.  Participation will be reviewed annually and is contingent on active engagement and inclusivity.

We encourage you to participate in our dynamic and rich collegial Centre.

Express interest in participation

For further information, please contact Kirsten Doert Eccles, Executive Officer - MCDS at:  mcds@unimelb.edu.au