"MACHINE" / Interdisciplinary Forum / Ian Potter Museum of Art

Melbourne Centre for Data Science is very pleased to co-present session three of the Potter Museum of Art's upcoming forum - "MACHINE".

The Potter's annual interdisciplinary forum is running from Tuesday 15 September - Thursday 17 September. The three part forum is seeking to unpack art, ethics and science of the machine.

Session 3 on Thursday 17 September, kicks off at 2:00pm AEST with three parts concluding at 3:20pm.

Full details are available on the Ian Potter Museum of Art website

For part 1, Sean Dockray will present Listening to the Diagnostic Ear.

Sean is an artist and writer whose work explores the politics of technology, with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligence and the algorithmic web. Listening to the Diagnostic Ear will discuss machine learning from a dataset of COVID-19 coughs.

For part 2, Kate Smith-Miles will present Generating beautiful intricacy via self-evolving mathematical functions.

Kate is a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Australian Laureate Fellow who is passionate about interdisciplinary applications of mathematics. Generating beautiful intricacy via self-evolving mathematical functions will dive into her first foray into the visual arts, "Negentropy Triptych".

For part 3, you will have an opportunity to respond to the forum's sessions with an open Q&A hosted by Neils Wouters, Research Fellow, Interaction Design Lab, School of Computing and Information Systems, Melbourne School of Engineering, University of Melbourne; Head, Research and Emerging Practice for Science Gallery Melbourne.