MCDS Seed Funding

We invite proposals for projects that cross any disciplines, that will benefit from the methodologies and applications of data science, and that circularly advance data science by providing expertise from a domain outside of data science.

Goals of the program

  • to support new collaborations leading to long-term relationships that span faculties and disciplines across campus
  • to advance research that joins data science expertise with domain expertise
  • to enable innovative research ideas, the exploration of new ways of conducting research and research that could lead to new methodologies in data science
  • to build new research capacity

We are calling for proposals that: meet the above goals, show significant potential for future, larger funding submissions, and have potential for broad impact.

Assessment criteria

Priority will be given to projects that represent new collaborations and include ECRs.

The following criteria will be used in ranking and selecting submissions:

  • why seed funding is essential to the success of this project
  • how the project is necessarily interdisciplinary
  • the novelty of the project and collaboration, in relation to the people, disciplines and schools involved
  • the plan for this project to be a catalyst for submissions for larger funding opportunities


Up to 3 projects will be funded at up to $20k per project.

Projects must be feasible within current and reasonably anticipated constraints relating to the local and broader COVID-19 context.

The Chief Investigator must hold an academic salaried position at UoM for duration of project.

MCDS Seed Funding Rules

Application Process

Applications for the 2023 Seed Funding round are now closed.