Professors Linda Blackall and Aurore Delaigle elected to the Australian Academy of Science

Environmental Microbiology Professor, Linda Blackall, and Mathematics and Statistics Professor, Aurore Delaigle, have been recognised by Australia’s peak science academy.

Linda Blackall and Aurore Delaigle

Professor Linda Blackall and Professor Aurore Delaigle, newly elected Fellows of the National Academy of Science

Professors Blackall and Delaigle join 23 other newly-elected scientists to the Australian Academy of Science (AAS), of whom 42% are women. AAS Fellows represent some of Australia’s most outstanding scientists, and are elected by their peers for their scientific achievement, national and international profile, as well as leadership and mentorship capabilities.

Professor Blackall is the Director of the Environmental Microbiology Research Centre at the University of Melbourne. She discovered microbial contributions to practical aspects of water, wastewater and solid-waste treatment, leading to improvements in treatment and energy savings. Her work with host associated microbes has explained animal conditions, including equine and ruminant gut upsets, and she has investigated microbes involved in coral larval settlement and bleaching.

Aurore Delaigle is a professor of mathematical statistics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, at the University of Melbourne. She is internationally known for her innovative contributions to mathematical statistics, where she has made transformative contributions in several statistical subfields, including functional data analysis and measurement error.