Research in the field of geochemistry from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Jay Black     Experimental studies in the areas of aqueous geochemistry, mineral reaction kinetics, water-rock interactions and CO2 storage to aid geochemical modelling.

Samuel C. Boone     Study of thermochronology, tectonics, landscape evolution and basin evolution.

Russell Drysdale     Palaeoclimatology specialising in reconstructing Earth’s climate history from geochemical signatures preserved in cave deposits.

Florian Dux     Palaeotemperature analysis of carbonates using clumped isotope mass spectrometry to investigate past climate change.

Andrea Giuliani     Geochronology, igneous petrology, isotopic geochemistry (stable and radiogenic isotopes), kimberlites and related rocks (petrogenesis, melt inclusions), mantle petrology (mantle fluids/melts).

Eleanor Green     Thermodynamic equilibrium in geological settings; petrology, analysis of geochemical data.

Alan Greig     Geochemistry.

Ralf Haese     Transport and reactions in porous rocks and develop technologies to reduce the risks of geological CO2 storage.

Janet Hergt     Application of radiogenic isotope analysis with geochemical data to explore the Earth processes preserved in geological materials.

Ashleigh Hood     Earth’s early environmental evolution and links to biological evolution, including Precambrian seawater chemistry and reef systems, using carbonate sedimentology, isotope and trace metal geochemistry.

Barry Kohn     Study of thermochronology, tectonics, landscape evolution and basin evolution.

Roland Maas     Exploration geochemistry and geodynamics.

Bence Paul     Research into the fundamentals of laser ablation-ICPMS, including data processing and software, for a range of applications including geological and biological samples.

Amy Prendergast     Studies in palaeoclimatology and archaeology through high-resolution climate and environmental reconstruction, human-environment interaction and natural hazards.

Louise Shewan     Archaeological Science, bioarchaeology, isoscapes, provenance studies.

Ashlea Wainright     High temperature Isotope Geochemist specialising in MC-ICPMS of traditional and non-traditional isotope systems

Jon Woodhead     Application of isotope and trace element geochemistry to problems in the Earth and environmental sciences, with particular emphasis on technique development and innovation.

Research centres

Peter Cook Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage Research
The Peter Cook Centre aims to develop environmentally and socially acceptable, cost effective carbon capture and storage solutions for a carbon constrained world.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of Earth Sciences and School of Geography.