Research in the field of geophysics from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Januka Attanayake     Physics of Earthquakes, Earth Structure, Seismic Monitoring and Carbon Sequestration Applications, Natural Hazards, and Geophysical Computing.

Rebecca Farrington     Using numerical modelling of large-scale geodynamic systems to understand the dynamic evolution of Earth.

Gary Gibson     Local earthquake seismograph networks; local, regional and global seismicity; earthquake hazard evaluation and alarm and response systems; earthquakes, dams and offshore oil and gas developments; triggered and induced seismicity.

Agathe Lisé-Pronovost     Research in Earth magnetic field past behavior (paleomagnetism), geochronology, and the applications of magnetism to Archaeology, paleoclimate, and paleoenvironments, with a focus on the Australia region.

Roland Maas     Exploration geochemistry and geodynamics.

Mark McLean     Specialised research in potential field interpretation and 3D modelling.

Louis Moresi     Research into the thermal-mechanical evolution of the Earth through geological time.

Sara Moron-Polanco     Study of fluvio-deltaic systems and the controls and mechanisms governing their formation and long-term preservation in the rock record.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of Earth Sciences.