Research in the field of geophysics from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Januka Attanayake     Analysis of seismicity in Australia with an emphasis on modelling earthquakes in Victoria and developing computational tools to analyse micro-seismic sources.

Romain Beucher     Lithospheric scale thermo-mechanical modeling, surface process modeling, low-temperature thermochronology, interactions and feedback between erosion and tectonics.

Rebecca Farrington     Using numerical modelling of large-scale geodynamic systems to understand the dynamic evolution of Earth.

Gary Gibson     Local earthquake seismograph networks; local, regional and global seismicity; earthquake hazard evaluation and alarm and response systems; earthquakes, dams and offshore oil and gas developments; triggered and induced seismicity.

Eleanor Green     Thermodynamic equilibrium in geological settings (minerals melts fluids), thermodynamics of low-density silicate fluids (disk equilibrium), integrated thermodynamics and geodynamics (computational).

Agathe Lise-Pronovost     Geoarchaeology, paleoclimate, paleomagnetism.

Roland Maas     Exploration geochemistry and geodynamics.

Mark McLean     Specialised research in potential field interpretation and 3D modelling.

Louis Moresi     Research into the thermal-mechanical evolution of the Earth through geological time.

Sara Moron-Polanco     Study of fluvio-deltaic systems and the controls and mechanisms governing their formation and long-term preservation in the rock record.

Guangliang Wu     Using computational methods and geological/geophysical observations to study how the Earth evolves through time, with a particular focus on mountain belts, subduction systems and sedimentary basins.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of Earth Sciences.