Research in the field of oceanography from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Leone Cavicchia     Regional climate modeling, extreme weather events (cyclones and extreme rainfall) and their impacts.

Tim Dempster     Basic ecological research in marine environments, to ensure fishing, aquaculture and other anthropogenic practices are developed and conducted sustainably.

Stephen Gallagher     Carboniferous to recent microfossils, sedimentology and stratigraphy to interpret bathymetry and palaeoceanography.

Greg Jenkins     Aquatic and fisheries ecology, including fish eggs and larvae, recruitment, feeding, growth, movement, and supporting habitats such as seagrass.

Agathe Lisé-Pronovost     Research in Earth magnetic field past behavior (paleomagnetism), geochronology, and the applications of magnetism to Archaeology, paleoclimate, and paleoenvironments, with a focus on the Australia region.

Steve Swearer     The ecological processes that occur in early life, influencing the dynamics of fish populations, with a focus on the primary causes of extinction risk in fishes and coastal marine ecosystems.

Research centres

Environmental Microbiology Research Initiative
How environmental microorganisms influence ecosystem and human health, change the chemistry of the planet, respond to impacts of industrial contamination and climate change, and new biotechnologies.

National Centre for Coasts and Climate (NCCC)
Working to identify the best ways of addressing climate change impacts in Australian coastal ecosystems.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of BioSciences and School of Earth Sciences.