Pure Mathematics

Research in the field of pure mathematics from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Diarmuid Crowley     Differential topology, algebraic topology, surgery classification of manifolds.

Jan de Gier     Combinatorics, mathematical physics, integrable models, stochastic processes.

Nora Ganter     Categorification, elliptic cohomology, homotopical representation theory, monstrous moonshine.

Jesse Gell-Redman     Microlocal analysis, partial differential equations, differential geometry.

David Gepner     Homotopy theory, algebraic K-theory, algebraic geometry, higher category theory.

Alex Ghitza     Computational number theory, Galois representations, Shimura varieties, automorphic forms.

Christian Haesemeyer     K-theory, algebraic cycles, motives.

Iva Halacheva     Low dimensional topology, knot theory, representation theory, quantum algebra.

Craig Hodgson     Hyperbolic geometry, low dimensional topology, differential geometry.

Mario Kieburg     Harmonic analysis and group and representation theory, random matrix theory, orthogonal functions and polynomials, quantum field theory, telecommunications systems, supersymmetry & graded algebras, quantum chaos, quantum information theory.

Deborah King     Studies in dynamic systems, including combinatorial dynamics, and mathematics education.

Peter McNamara     Representation theory.

Daniel Murfet     Mathematical logic, algebraic geometry, topological field theories.

Paul Norbury     Gauge theory, mathematical physics, algebraic geometry, moduli spaces.

Sam Povall     Geometric group theory, singularity theory, complex hyperbolic geometry

Thomas Quella     Representation theory and applications, conformal field theory, quantum integrable models, topological states of matter, tensor network states, Lie (super) algebras, diagram algebras, quantum groups, quantum many-body physics.

Arun Ram     Combinatorial representation theory.

Lawrence Reeves     Geometric group theory.

David Ridout     Conformal field theory, vertex operator algebras, representation theory, Lie (super) algebras, integrable models.

Marcy Roberston     Higher category theory, operad theory, homotopy theory.

Volker Schlue     Partial differential equations, general relativity, geometric analysis.

Trithang Tran     Research in the use of algebraic topology with configuration spaces and braid groups.

Kari Vilonen     Representation theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic analysis.

Chenyan Wu     Representation theory, algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory.

Ting Xue     Algebraic groups, representation theory.

Yaping Yang     Geometric representation theory, quantum groups.

Gufang Zhao     Algebra, geometry, topology, representation theory, algebraic geometry.

Paul Zinn-Justin     Quantum integrable systems, algebraic combinatorics, Schubert calculus.

Research centres

Mathematical Research Institute MATRIX
MATRIX is an international research institute that runs research programs where world lead researchers in the mathematical sciences, as well as experts from business and industry, can come together.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.