Research in the field of zoology from the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.


Mark Elgar     Evolutionary biology and animal behaviour in terrestrial invertebrates, including social behaviour, mating, sexual selection and chemical communication.

Mary Familari     Testis, ovary and placenta formation and function in several species, including dunnart, mouse and human.

Mark Green     Improving human and animal assisted reproduction. How environmental contaminants (endocrine disruptors, light pollution) affect gametes, early embryo development and offspring health.

Alexandra Harvey     Reproduction biology, including mammalian embryology, IVF and embryonic stem cells.

Christy Hipsley     Deep-time patterns of evolution in vertebrates, particularly lizards, snakes and frogs, and the evolutionary impacts of climate change in Australia‚Äôs fossil record.

Ary Hoffmann     Integrated invertebrate pest control options for the grains industries, and how landscape changes can be harnessed to provide pest control services.

Luke Holman     The evolution and genetics of sex, sociality and communication, combining empirical work on insects with theoretical models.

Therésa Jones     Behaviour ecology with a focus on understanding the consequences of variability in mating systems, the role of chemical cues and the impact of artificial night lighting on individual fitness and community structures.

Raoul Mulder     The causes and consequences of variability in bird mating systems, the relative importance of sexual and natural selection, the role of visual and acoustic signals, and the ways cooperation and conflict interact in complex social groups.

Andrew Pask     Reproduction and development of mammals, with a focus on evolution, sexual development, early embryonic development and marsupials.

Marilyn Renfree     Reproductive and developmental biology using physiological, endocrine, molecular, genetic and comparative genomic techniques with a focus on mammalian reproduction and development.

Devi Stuart-Fox     Research in evolutionary and behavioural ecology focusing on the mechanisms, function and evolution of animal coloration and animal vision.

Paul Umina     Sustainable pest control, biosecurity and insecticide resistance, while also improving the communication and translation of research findings into practical outcomes.

Madeleine van Oppen     Microbial symbiosis in coral and a coral model, the anemone Exaiptasia pallida. Assisted evolution of corals aimed at developing coral stock with enhanced climate resilience.

Research in this area is conducted in the School of BioSciences.