The Faculty of Science plays an important role in Australia's participation in the knowledge economy. The following are some of the networks and linkages we are involved in.

The Auscope logo


AuScope Limited is a non-profit company formed to facilitate the implementation of a world-class infrastructure system for earth science through the delivery of a range of technologies and capabilities in data acquisition, management, modelling and simulation across the geospatial and geoscience spectrum.

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The AUSHEP logo

Australian Institute for High Energy Physics (AUSHEP)

High Energy Particle Physics (HEP) is an exciting, high profile discipline which explores the basic structure of matter and the fundamental forces in nature.

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The AMSI logo

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)

AMSI aims to support research at all levels including mathematics in cross-disciplinary areas, business and industry; enhance the undergraduate and postgraduate experience of students in the mathematical sciences and cognate disciplines; and to improve the supply of mathematically well-prepared students entering tertiary education.

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The Metabolomics logo

Metabolomics Australia

Metabolomics Australia offers high throughput metabolomics services to all life science researchers. Services are offered through a consortium of Australian universities and research institutes with world class facilities and expertise in small molecule analysis.

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The VIEPS logo

Victorian Centre of Earth and Planetary Sciences (VIEPS)

The primary objectives of VIEPS is to investigate and support inter-disciplinary programs in geological, geophysical and atmospheric sciences, coordination of facilities and staff between the VIEPS partners and collaboration between private industry.

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The VLSCI Melbourne Bioinformatics logo

Melbourne Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics + data services + infrastructure for life sciences today.

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The VICOSC logo

Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium

The consortium brings together world leaders in complementary fields of synthesis, characterisation and device assembly with industry players who are leaders in solar cell manufacture, lifetime testing, materials, substrates and printing on plastic.

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