The Faculty of Science partakes in numerous collaborative research ventures which ensures Science at Melbourne maintains a global perspective.

The Greek characters AEDA

Applied Environmental Decision Analysis (AEDA)

AEDA was established to develop tools and test methods to support transparent decision-making for environmental management. (Finished in 2014)

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The ARCUE logo

Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE)

ARCUE is a centre for excellence in the study of urban and suburban ecosystems by conducting high quality ecological research, education and commercial activities.

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The Bushfire CRC logo

The Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre

The Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre was established under the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program to conducted research into the social, environmental and economic impacts of bush fires. (Finished in 2014)

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The CEBRA logo

Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis

CEBRA develops tools, methods, guidelines and protocols to improve risk analysis, with a special focus on biosecurity.

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The CRC for Forestry logo

Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry

The CRC for Forestry links leading Australian forest research organisations, companies, government agencies and universities in a forest science and management research and education partnership. (Finished in 2013)

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The MARC logo

Micro Analytical Research Centre (MARC)

MARC explores key fundamental issues in solid state and optical materials and devices for information processing and communications.

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The CAPIM logo

The Victorian Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management

The Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management (CAPIM) is an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the identification of water pollution, the assessment of its ecological impacts, the sourcing of pollutants of concern and the development of cost-effective monitoring systems.

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The PCBRC logo

Plant Cell Biology Research Centre (PCBRC)

The Plant Cell Biology Research Centre conducts research into many aspects of plant cell biology, abiotic stresses, plant pathogens and evolution.

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The SCC logo

Statistical Consulting Centre

The Statistical Consulting Centre (SCC) provides statistical services to business, industry, government and the academic world.

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The VCCCAR logo

Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research

VCCCAR aims to improve government and community understanding about the potential impacts of climate change and adaptation options. (Finished in 2014)

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