Climate, Society & Policy

Our Research

The Climate, Society & Policy group research the areas of adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, resource management and environmental policy, environmental psychology, vulnerability to natural hazards, and environmental security. The group has also hosted a national node of NCCARF concerned with social and institutional aspects of climate change in Australia, and other major conferences, including a major conference on +4 degrees (2011).

The Climate, Society & Policy group have contributed to the IPCC and other international forums, the Victorian state ministerial reference council on climate change, and are frequent media commentators on climate change issues. Prof Jon Barnett is Executive Editor of the adaptation domain of Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Climate Change.

Our People


Research Students

  • Paulina Aldunce: Adaptation to climate change in Chile
  • Heather Anderson: Mobility, Culture and Climate Change
  • Caroline Andrews: Profile, power, and national climate policy
  • Patrina Dumaru: Adapting to climate change in Fiji: the resilience of villages
  • Ellycia Harrould-Kolieb: Ocean acidification as a policy question
  • Serenity Hill: Landholder adaptation to climate and other complex change
  • Rebecca McNaught: Integrating Climate Change into the Work of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent
  • Sarah Rogers: Climate change adaptation in China: Rural-urban comparison
  • Colette Mortreux: Household adaptation to sea-level rise in East Gippsland
  • Peter Russ: The Theory and Role of Risk-Return in Environmental Forecasting
  • Tamara Sysak: 'Transforming' drought: understanding adaptive capacity and network activity in two Victorian rural communities
  • Steve Waller: Climate adaptation policy
  • Sangeetha Gigi Chandrashekeran: A study of the Victorian electricity supply industry and the factors that have enabled and inhibited effective energy efficiency outcomes from 1982 to 2000