Environment & Development

Our Research

The areas studied by this group include international development policies and governance, livelihoods, resource management, sustainability, political ecology, vulnerability to natural hazards, resilience, international environmental policy, and international environmental security. Key issues of water, climate change, urban development and accountability and technology innovation in environmental governance are covered.

Our group includes editorship of Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Climate Change and the Journal of Political Ecology . Our PhD students have a range of international research awards including SSHRC Canada and AusAID support. We are linked to the Monash-Melbourne Political Ecology Research group.



Research students

  • Ahmad Mumtaz: Is water contributing to increase conflict and insurgency in Afghanistan?
  • Ainka Granderson: community adaptation to climate change in Vanuatu
  • Alex Cullen: Land tenure and conservation in East Timor
  • Basundhara Bhattarai: Politics of Equity in Natural Resource Governance: Case of Community Forestry, Nepal
  • Bunlong Leng: Strategic adaptation to climate change in Cambodia: a development perspective
  • Christina Ellis: Conservation and security in Eastern Congo
  • Dora Caris Vega: community based forest enterprises in Central America
  • Fahmida Khanom: Technical and social feasibility of rooftop rainwater harvesting in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Greg van Der Horst: Contemporary forest policy in Sierra Leone
  • Jimmy Ma: Environmental democratisation in China
  • Julie Caiwei Wu: Understanding Designed Outdoor Spaces in Chinese Urban Gated Community: Assessment of the Local Residents' Acceptance and Utilisation
  • Kate Gomersall: How sustainable is the poverty resettlement in China and what contributes to or detracts from their success?
  • Kevin Li: The making and remaking of low carbon cities: Localisation of low carbon governance in China
  • Marcela Chaves Agudelo: Cultural and environmental biodiversity as the motor of development in mega-diverse Colombia
  • Patrina Dumaru
  • Paul Munro: Forest history in Sierra Leone
  • Paula Satizábal: Conflict-sensitive community-based natural resource management in Colombia
  • Sarah Rogers: Local governments and the vulnerability of rural households to climate change, Shanxi, China
  • Stuart Kent
  • Thomas Chandy: Study of impacts of development driven social changes among rural communities on forest conservation in Sikkim
  • Thu Ba Huynh: REDD and climate change adaptation policies in Vietnam forests
  • Xixi Fu: How to make resettlers more willing to move?