Project 3030


Project 3030 brought together a diverse mix of disciplines, practices, organisations, and geographic locations as well as formal and informal processes. Social research was undertaken in this project to understand how the diverse mix of participants worked collaboratively to capture the benefits of the research.

Project Summary

Project 3030 commenced in 2005 in Victoria to develop knowledge that could be used by Australian dairy farms to improve profitability (Chapman et al., 2008). Modelling of different farming systems suggested a 30% increase in the consumption of home grown forage on dairy farms could result in a 30% increase in return on capital assets over a period of a financial year. The project activities included:

  • Bio-physical research (trial farmlets at a demonstration farm in south-west Victoria consisting of two herds of 36 milking cows run respectively under two different feed-base production systems (Perennial ryegrass pasture with bought in supplements – the ‘Ryegrass Max’ system) and Perennial ryegrass supplemented by other home grown pastures and forage crops (otherwise known as ‘Complementary Forage’).
  • Agronomic research involving comparison of forages in trials at the demonstration farm.
  • Five Partner Farms in Victoria (South-Western, North-Eastern and Gippsland) and South Australia (Fleurieu Peninsula). Partner Farms are commercial farms operating as research partners where knowledge is generated about the management challenges of farm system designs (Crawford et al. 2008; O’Kane & Nettle 2009).

Project Duration


Research Group Leader/Key contact

Dr Michael O’Kane

Other Personnel

Dr Barbara King

Dr Callum Eastwood

Anne Crawford

Dr Ruth Nettle

Contact details

Dr Barbara King

Partnership details

Gardiner Foundation, Dairy Australia


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Project 3030